Aunty Merle

Pastor Brandon

Aunty Merle is a housewife from Belgravia Road in Athlone. She was one of Marc’s first characters and has become a firm favourite with Lottering fans. Her husband is Dennis the plumber and, as she puts it, were it not for Dennis “her drain would have still been blocked”.

Smiley is a “taxi gaartjie” from Cape Town. He collects the fares on the taxi. He’s streetwise and never at a loss for words, particularly when he sets his eyes on young pretty travellers. He has often been heard to say: “if you get on my taxi, jy sallie relaxie, ‘cos why I’m the gaartjie that makes you feel sexy”.
Galatia Geduldt is determined to be the next Mariah Carey. And she will stop at nothing realise her dream. She’s tried her hand at Idols, but they told her that while she has the right look, her singing voice is not up to scratch. But this will not deter her. She’ll try again. In the meanwhile, she’s a dancer at Mavericks.

Pastor Brandon heads up large “warehouse church”. Along with his gorgeous wife Lorraine and their twin boys, Jonah and Noah, he has no qualms about being seen around town driving his SLK. He sighs when he sees the poor. As he puts it, the poor, for him, is always a great reminder from God as to what can go horribly wrong.
Colleen is the cashier from hell! She’s been a permanent casual for nine years. Her till is her throne. She hates customers who never have small change, and one would be forgiven for thinking that she’s on a “go slow”.
Travis lives to be cool. Nothing else really matters. God created Mondays and Tuesdays for hangovers, and the rest of the week for cocktail bars and club-hopping. If you don’t have “the look”, don’t even attempt to go near Travis. He works on film shoots, and at least once a year, tries to hang out with Italian girls in India.
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